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Digital Broadcast Software Ad Copy
B2B ad copy about a suite of digital broadcast software products.


User Manuals
Excerpts from a set of user guides to a digital broadcast scheduling system. More examples available on request.


Press Releases

Press releases for a publishing software company.


A Whole Bunch of Quirky Blurbs
If you’re looking for short and clever writing, look here. Warning: some of these are pretty off-beat.


Life Sciences

Unfinished book about soil science.


Personlized Email With Variable-Data Fields – Mock Travel Brochure
We sent my client’s prospective customers a personalized message that was an example of the kinds of personalized messages they could send their own prospects.


Radio and nine video voiceover scripts. (You can watch the videos here.)


User Help
SEO Explained
What’s a computer virus?


My fun blog about wonderful people.


Web Content Q&A – Health Supplement
Questions about a health supplement answered for visitors to the client’s web site.


Copywriting, Ad Design

Electronics (smartwatch), 1 of 4.

Electronics (smartwatch), 2 of 4.

Electronics (smartwatch), 3 of 4.

Please request by email: Electronics/Marketing Software Cooperative Advertising 4 of 4.


Health Supplement Ad Copy
Ad copy for a health supplement.


Feature Articles
Magazine-style coverage of an international digital video convention.


Print/Publishing Software Content and Copy
Thorough description of the features of an industrial-strength print publishing software product.


Conference Handout

Powerful Low-Cost Conference Promo

Another Powerful Low-Cost Conference Promo – Water Ionizer


Children’s Entertainment
This work-in-progress project started with a poem I wrote for cat lovers.


Another Blog

A brief example of a bit of good writing, though I never have time to add to this blog.



I’ve built or rebuilt online stores with Kagi, Infusion Soft, Go Daddy, an open-source e-commerce tool, and some others whose names I don’t remember. Here’s one that’s still online.


Graphics and Illustration

Graphics and Illustration


Process-Flow Diagrams

Illustration I independently drew of the architecture and flow of an EJB-based online auction site.

Illustration I drew of the process-flow of a chat system.

Another illustration of the process-flow of a chat system.

Illustration I drew of the process-flow of an auction’s bid system.

Illustration of the EAS process.


User-Interface Wireframes
Copy for Catalogs
Health Supplement

Health Supplement

Health Supplement

Soil Enhancer

Soil Enhancer
In the News

DITA Standard Inspires Collaboration – Adobe
World’s Top Technical Communicators – Adobe