About You

Are the words that represent you costing you business? Or does your written material speak with a voice that represents you well?


What people “see” when they look at you and your business is language.


Your words. What you say. And how you say it.


Do you look as good as you really are? Consistently, in all your communications?


Do your messages, polished or not, get to as many people as possible?


I call my company SuperScription. I do more than just write. I strategize with you to get you more repeat customers, visitors, fans, followers, traffic, search-engine results, and sales. I help with UX and responsive design. I also do graphics and illustration. And I’m fast.


Off-load your writing headaches to me. I guarantee my work. It gets results, and will probably make you a lot more money.


Contact me now, or see About Me for more information. Then contact me!