You want clear copy that tells your prospects exactly what you do.

Maybe your team is ready to release an app and you want the world to know about it.

Or you’re growing an online store and have a constant flow of new products to review.

Or you’re in search of a brand name for an invention that’s so brilliant, it outshines Windex.

Maybe the text in your website just needs a thorough scrub.

My name is Andrea Sharp. I’m an award-winning writer, and I write for all occasions. I can give you the powerful messages and content your business needs. I’ve been churning out deadline-driven communications of all kinds since… the last century!

I love working with company founders—people whose business means more to them than almost anything. The way I see it, your company is your priceless work of art. And I take your creation just as seriously as you do. If you have impeccable standards, I want to serve you. If you’re reaching for the top, I want to reach with you.

I’ve promoted software companies, web sites, entertainers, social media professionals, insurance agents, political activists, market research firms, bookkeepers, and many others. I’m shameless about my talent for turning browsers into buyers. I love nothing more than joining forces with other creatives to inspire visuals from words and words from visuals that leave prospects thinking, “I want that.” (“And that.”) (“And that!”)

If you can find a writer who’s faster and better than me, I’ll have your discount coupon stuffed into millions of fortune cookies and pick up the tab myself.

Let’s talk so I can think up a way to make that offer even sweeter!